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High Wind Magnet

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Extreme High Wind Magnet

For Use with all Liberator Pet Door Models

(sold individually)

The High Wind Magnet is an accessory for the Liberator Pet Doors by American Dog Doors. This extremely strong magnet is designed for use with pet doors that encounter extemely high winds, such as the open countryside or high plains. We recommend using no more than 2 High Wind Magnets with your Liberator Pet Door, installed on the exterior frame. Because of the strength of these magnets, any more could potentially hinder your pets ability to use the door.

How To Replace:
Simply place a piece of cloth over the magnet, gently pull the magnet out and reinsert the new high wind magnet.
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American Dog Doors

American Dog Doors High Wind Neo Magnets
for the Liberator Pet Door Models
Sold Separately