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Models for Doors

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Dog Doors for Doors

Door Mounted Pet Doors | Dog Doors Installed into Doors


Door mounted pet doors are the most common pet doors out there. American Dog Doors has you covered with the Liberator Dog Door. The security panel is made from strong HDPE to keep out unwanted intruders. American Dog Doors are 100% made in the USA with outstanding craftsmanship, superior quality and extensive R&D. Our doors were built to last, for years to come.

Fully Insulated, hand built pet doors for doors. These, top of the line units, are specifically designed to handle any weather, hot or cold! Available with one or two flaps, this dog door can be built to any size, for any dog. We focus on being the best dog door manufacturer out there, and the products speak for it self with it's performance.

Installing this dog door in to your home is easier than ever. We have made the process as simple as possible for you with our new floating frame design! Fits all doors from solid oak to hollow-core aluminum. Simply cut the appropriate rough cut hole in your door. (The top of the pet opening should fall 2 inches above your pet's shoulder, while the bottom of the opening remains below their elbow), sandwich the frames together, (seal around exterior frame with caulking), connect with screws and you're finished! If you get stuck, you can always give one of our customer care reps a call at: 800-829-7876!