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Dog Doors Installed Through Glass

In-Glass Pet Doors | Pet Doors Installed into Glass

Lets start a pet door revolution! Give the gift of freedom, not just for your pet, but your life as well! This dog door allows your pet freedom, while sparing you from your duties as "doorman". This specially made pet door comes with a new low profile exterior frame that fits all types of glass, from single and dual pane, all the way to commercial glass. The flaps have a strong magnetic seal, allowing for maximum insulation. The frame is available in two colors, White or Dark Bronze.
We pride ourselves on offering the best pet door available. 

In-Glass Pet Doors are more complicated install than your normal pet door. You would need to contact a local glass professional to replace the pane of glass that you would like the pet door to go into. The glass glazer would cut you a new panel with the notch cut out of the corner. Your in-Glass installer should do most of the work for you.