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Models for Walls

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Dog Doors for Walls

Wall Mounted Pet Doors | Dog Doors Installed Through Walls (any wall thickness)

The best pet door for walls, Hand built by American Dog Doors right here in the USA. American Dog Doors prides itself on being 100% made in the USA. Quality craftsmanship, quality control and extensive research & design sets us apart from our competitors. Our main focus is being the best wall mounted dog door manufacturer on the market, and the performance and after sale service of our products speak for itself! 

Dog Doors for Walls are very common, and do not detract from the value of your home (unless you buy a low cost, cheap wall mount dog door!). From single flap to insulated dual flap pet doors for walls, American Dog Doors has you covered with the Liberator Wall Mount Dog Door. The rugged ABS blocking panel prevents unwanted intruders from entering through the dog door as well.

Dog Doors installed through walls is a little more involved than a typical door mount dog door installation. You would start by making the appropriate rough cut through the wall (so the pet door opening provides 2" of shoulder height clearance above the tallest pet), insert the frames and trim the tunnel to fit your wall depth (caulk around exterior frame), connect with screws and you're done! We have knowledgeable representatives available to assist you with all of your dog door needs, even during installation!